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"How can we start this new year happier? Things have certainly not been easy over the last year, and we are still in difficult and uncertain times. The best way to try to handle our difficult emotions and experiences is by focusing on what we can control. This month, we're encouraging everyone to focus on small steps to try to boost happiness - for ourselves and others around us - to spread kindness and hopefully inspire others to do the same."

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"2020 has been a difficult year in so many ways. We have suffered with uncertainty, anxiety, isolation and challenges with our financial situation, health or relationships. One thing that can hold us together and help us get through is kindness. Although we can't change our situation, we can choose to respond to others (and ourselves) with kindness. And when we're kind, everything goes better. We help others, we help ourselves and we encourage others to be kinder too."

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"Covid is restricting our lives, but we can find new ways to keep making progress. Trying out new things can actually boost our well-being. When we open up to new ideas, it helps us stay curious and engaged. It can also bring a sense of accomplishment and help to boost our self-confidence and resilience." There are so many ways to learn new things and this month we're encouraging everyone to find new and creative ways to overcome our frustrating situations.

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Happy October, my favorite month :)  Check out the latest "Action for Happiness" calendar below!

"Life is far from perfect, but there are lots of reasons for optimism.  Setting positive goals for the future gives our lives a sense of direction and purpose. And although we face many challenges there are also lots of reasons to stay hopeful. By consciously choosing our priorities we can overcome issues, make progress and focus on what really matters."

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I can't take credit for creating this, but this is something staff, students, and families could use!  2020 has hit us with some curve balls, but we have to make sure we take care of our selves.

"Self-care isn't selfish, it's essential. No-one's perfect. But so often we compare our insides to other people's outsides. This month we're encouraging everyone to be kinder to themselves (as well as others), especially when things go wrong. Self-care increases our resilience and helps us get more out of life. It also helps us accept others as they are too. "

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For everything you would ever need to know about IGPs, college and career readiness, graduation requirements, SAT/ACT, scholarships, and beyond, check out this super college and career guide!



Like a paper brochure, but better, because you don't have to keep track of it :)

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The concise guide to getting through high school registration!  This is the same cheat sheet I use to stay on top of things.  Use this form to see what is and is not required for high school graduation, what extra courses you need if you are planning on attending college, etc.

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